Welcome! How exciting that you are here!

This is going to be a community of people who care about finding out more about themselves, about letting others be who they are and about supporting each other so that we all don’t have to do this journey alone.

And, most importantly, a community of people who want to enable kids and students to not forget who they are in the first place.

This seems to be the way how I can express my own super-power in this world. The School of Excitement has taken some time to evolve as a concept, but since the idea popped into my mind, I can’t get it out of my head anymore.

You know this feeling? When you feel absolutely sure about something?

And what do you do then? Are you following your excitement? Or are you pondering if your idea fits into this world. What others may think about it. If people might think you are crazy – or even studip! – to come up with this?

Think about it. Since you are here, this means that you at least don’t WANT to believe they are right. Because your feeling tells you otherwise.

My own journey

Hi, my name is Karin. You will get to know me pretty well on these pages, because this is the only truth that I can tell you: How I became and how I am evolving – everyday.

Let me add right here in the beginning that most of your past has never really happened like you think it has. You create your past based on your current emotional level. Every day differently, if your emotional level changes daily. I will tell you more about this another time …

There is one thing about me that I want to share with you right now, because it is about my super-power and it led to the School of Excitement after long years of feeling a bit out of place:

I am an Observer, and a Learner.

I look at my world with different eyes than I experience most people do. I live in my own world and come to my own conclusions about what I am seeing. And I use what I see to define what I want and to dream it into life – again in my own world. So sorry you can’t see all this beauty of my world yet 😉

I love finding new thoughts and integrating them into my being – be they about knowledge or experiences or dreams.

One of my biggest issues in life has always been that I could not relate to most problems other people were talking about. It was not that I was not understanding what they were seeing and saying, but I have valuated it differently. I did not de-valuate it, I was giving it a different meaning.

And vice versa, by the way. I saw issues that others could not relate to at all, but again: a story for another time …

I had the inate feeling that there is a different way of seeing what was happening. I often felt unable to stay in the energy of a negative topic, and longed for solutions. I remember the inner pain not wanting to talk about all the negative aspects or even listen to them. So I kept quite very often – or became aggressive and defensive, because I knew no answer to give that would satisfy the energy of the conversation.

Again, let me add, this might not be the case for all situations at all ages. Talking to family and friends about my childhood and remembering certain events out of my adult life quite clearly (as far as one can qualify “memory” as “clearly”), I can explain my demeanor today in this way.

For me, it actually meant that I thought myself a long time to be emotion-less, kind of autistic. Wrong. Different. With a very weired world view that nobody seemed to share.

I experienced myself talking with people seeing their pain and not being able to connect to it in a way they expected me to. For me, there was often such an obvious solution – or a more loving perspective to it that would make the problem actually disappear. But offering thoughts like that feels very offensive for people. They interpret it as kind of an invalidation of their energy.

I get that now, and I understand why my answers were not heard in they way I meant them or not heard at all a lot of times.

These experiences actually lead me to understand what my super-power is.

My super-power: Calmness and serenity

My life has been very calm and flowing. Because I observed (most of) my problems and went on with them instead of staying in the energy of them.